I will update this page with links to media pieces, reviews, other blogs, on-line talks etc. referring to Faith and Wisdom in Science (OUP page )


Here is a long, beautifully-written and delightful review by Tim Radford in the Guardian.

The Tablet covered it here, preceptively by Rodney Holder.

Here is the Amazon page, carrying eleven reviews currently (only one negative which stands out rather oddly), a blogged review by Ruth Bancewicz for the Faraday Institute, another (USA) blogged review by Peter Leithart, and by Sergio Graziosi here.

Transgress Magazine posted an interesting review called “A Trinity of Science and Spirituality”.

A Dutch review (in Dutch too) has been published by the Delft University newspaper here

Third Way magazine’s review (pay wall) is here.

Church Times review (pay wall) appeared on 21/11/14 but is currently not on line but a Diocese of Canterbury review is live.

Alan Gijsbers (ISCAST, Australia) extensive review is here.

Publisher’s Weekly (US) posted a short review.

Andrew Steane writes a short review on his blog.

A full review in Contemporary Physics of Andrew and my books jointly by Gunter Schutz (2016)

Review in Science and Christian Belief by Tim Middleton (2015)


Related Blogs

I wrote an invited derivative piece on science policy called Restoring Faith in Science for Research Research, and another on resolving society’s big science-based problems here (republished from TheConversationUK).  An invited blog for Biologos is here.




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