Talks, interviews and more have been a regular feature of the Faith and Wisdom in Science programme.  Here are links to those that are online.

We start with one version of what has become a ‘standard’ form of a 1-hour lecture on the core themes of the book.  Here is one given in Durham in the context of the project I have with David Wilkinson Equipping Christian Leadership in an Age of Science.

An introductory interview by Simon Smart of CPX (Sydney) is a good place to start with a personal story, and a key second interview on wisdom explains what the book is all about.  Then we talk seriously about the Book of Job.

faraday_logo3Talks by me at the Faraday Institute can by found quickly by searching for “McLeish” on their media page. And I gave a interviews with Eleanor Puttock, the Faraday Media Officer in audio and video form.

A video of the Oxford book launch talk and discussion at the Ian Ramsey Centre is on you tube here.

Audio and powerpoint from Christians in Science Northern conference 2014

A long interview with Garett Brown of New Books Network (USA) is here, from 2015.

A broadcast interview for Premier Christian Radio in November 2014 is here.

Report of a talk and links to an ABC radio interview I gave in Queensland in 2015 is here, and a podcast of the radio interview with Steve Austin here.

The video of a talk I gave at the Centre for Theology and Public Issues at the University of Otago is here.

Simon Smart of CPX (Sydney) throws (unseen) questions from listeners at me on Science and Faith!