Imprints 1, 3, 3 and the paperback version of Faith and Wisdom in Science do contain some errata – all the author’s responsibility, and in spite of multiple checks.  Apologies.  These have been corrected in successive editions in response to very helpful readers. Here is a  list of those spotted so far, beginning with the (very few) in imprint 3/paperback, and working back by addition to the full original list of bloopers in imprint 1.

Imprint 3:

P 67 footnote and bibliography p274 ‘Paars’ should be ‘Paas’

Imprint 2 additionally contains:

P48 line 1    Replace ‘around AD615’ with ‘around AD700’

P68     Cyrus annexed Babylonia in 539 BC not 524 (please change date)

P89     The Lisbon earthquake occurred in 1755 not 1775 (please change date)

P107    Shaddai means ‘Almighty’ not ‘Lord’, for which the word is ‘Adonai’

P136    l.10 from bottom,   change “that that” to “that”

P147   David Clines’ commentary on Job is in the Word not  ‘World’ series (also P271)

P194  para 2 l.2   Omit ‘Danish’ – so just ‘… the pollen-free island…’

P203   l.9 from bottom      Change “it if” to “if it”

P220 l.1    Change “that that” to “than that”

Imprint 1 additionally contains:

P 12 20  “Priestley” needs an “e” before the final “y”

P 14 end para 2   Remove “Newtonian”

P 15 l.16 and 32   Replace “Keates” with “Keats”

P 17 I 6  Replace “Keates” with “Keats”

P20 l.2  Replace “of” with “or” so: “Braque or Blake”

P38 last para l.1    Replace “recent” with “recently”

P39 l23   Replace “vary” with “very”

P54 para 3 l.1   Replace “haste” with “hasten”

P63 last para l.2  Replace “Here” with “here” (no capital after a colon)

P70 para 2 l.8  Replace “neither” with “not”

P71 footnote-6   Change footnote to read: “Chapter 1 is attributed to the “priestly” source, and chapter 2 to the “Yahwist”.

P72 para2   Remove two commas, so: “As Brown and others before him observe, …”

P72 7th l from end    Replace “orthodox” with “Orthodox”

P121 l.15 Replace “unimaginable” with “unimaginably”

P131 last para l.11   Replace “(niphal)” with “(haphak)”

P145 l.3  Replace “uring” with “urging”

P168 l.1  Replace “ageometry” with “a geometry”

P168 last para l.6  Replace “but” with “and”

P171 l.4    Delete “early”

P171 l.5   Delete “in the past”

P172 l.1   Add quotes around  ‘love of wisdom of natural things’

P172 para 3 l.6      Hyphenate ‘question-catalogue’

P253 new para l.3   Replace “though” with “though it”