Being Human with Music and Light and a Fabulous Day

This excellent piece was written by my colleague at Durham, Dr. Giles Gasper, who is Principal Investigator of the Ordered Universe project – our interdisciplinary investigation into medieval science. This is the first report (there will be more!) on the afternoon last week where we sought to bring the science and music of light together in mutual reflection. I’ll post some further thoughts on the thought-shape of this interaction, which brings both intellectual and emotional engagement to the surface and hitches them to each other. What was special for me was the experience of immediate juxtaposition of the joy of understanding and ‘seeing’ more into the structure of light, with the immediate sensation of beautiful musical communication of colour, meaning and life.

Ordered Universe

SOCIAL_MEDIA_RGB_02_500PXMusic and Light PosterSaturday 14th saw the first two of four events organised at Durham as part of the Being Human, National Festival of Humanities 2015. Now in its second year, the Festival takes place up and down the country with a cornucopia of events for the public. Big questions, big debates and opportunities to engage with academic research of all sorts and interests. 2015, as well as being for those of a medieval bent a year of octocentenaries for Magna Carta and the 4th Lateran Council, is the UNESCO designated International Year of Light. To celebrate this, and the bigger questions the nature of light raises, Tom McLeish curated a public workshop and concert, which took place at Trevelyan College on the Saturday afternoon. Teaming up with the Institute of Physics, the Durham Singers, and supported by the RVW Trust,  the two events presented a multi-faceted tour of…

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