Professor Tom McLeish – Towards a theology of science

Here is a reblog from my recent visit to the University of Queensland Emmanuel College Centre for the Study of Science, Religion and Society. There’s also a rather sharp set of questions over 20 minutes at ABC Radio embedded!

Emmanuel Centre for the Study of Science, Religion & Society

On 15 September Tom McLeish, Professor of Physics at Durham University, gave incredible insights into the breadth of his research in two presentations at the CSSRS.

Tom McLeish seminar

McLeish spoke at a lunchtime seminar about his recent OUP publication Faith and Wisdom in Science in which he argues that the problem with the contested “science and religion” relationship lies in the conjunction. Neither science nor religion, he contends, does “and”. Instead, McLeish posits a case for the importance of a “theology of science”. In a fresh reading of the book of Job, McLeish argued that science — as the attempt to understand the natural world — is a deeply human and deeply religious activity. Focusing particularly on the passages that detail God’s response to Job in chapter 38, McLeish argued that questions like “canst thou bind the sweet influence of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?” are not only musings…

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